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Information on “live streaming” What is „LIVE Streaming“

Live streaming is the latest way of transmitting moving images all over the world. Classic TV as we know it will probably become obsolete within the next decade. Our mobile studios can produce and transmit any kind of recordings in a TV style via the internet.

Including interactive presentations via Skype and Twitter from any location that offers 3G or 4G LTE access.
There are no limitations for a stream; whether 1 minute or 24 hours, everything is possible.

Live streaming is flexible, fast and dynamic, adaptable to meet the client’s requirements. Advertising is produced for target groups without losing its value after the broadcast. The advertisement will stay permanently available on your website or if you wish in 24-7media-concept S.L.’s online library.

How long does it take to prepare a live stream?

The live stream “business” package takes a minimum of one hour from your call until going “on air” – based on a location in Tenerife South and the availability of a mobile live stream studio.

All other options for live streaming take at least 5 days preparation – pending accessibility of the location and possible need for permits.

A live stream with stage or any other “extras” takes 4 – 6 weeks preparation in order to meet all requirements.

How does “streaming” work?

Live streaming is the direct (live) transmission of images and sound based on an internet connection.
Recordings are available for viewing on all mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and stationary devices such as computers and Smart TVs connected to the Internet.

A landline internet connection is not required for live transmission by 24-7media- concept.S.L.
We can offer live streaming in SD quality from any place on the Canary or Balearic Islands or mainland Spain that offers a 3G / 4G LTE connection.

For higher quality such as HD or better a landline internet connection with an upload rate of 1.3Mbit is recommended.

The difference to “classic TV”:
The quality of “live streaming” and “classic TV” can be identical depending on

the connection speed.

Transmission via “internet live stream” is visible to the user with a delay of between 10 sec and 1 minute.

TV transmission via cable or satellite has a delay of 6 to 20seconds – a minimal advantage at much higher expense.
This makes “LIVE STREAM” an attractive and cost efficient way into the future with the added bonus of reaching target groups directly.

A further Bonus of “live streaming” is that the signal is accessible anywhere in the world – while classic TV is often limited to Europe.

Will there be advertisement on the “live stream”?

The internet is overloaded with unwanted advertisement.

The “live stream” and server at 24-7media-conceptS.L do not contain any external advertisement!

Do you want advertisement on your “stream”?

We can offer different forms of advertisement depending on financing and content of the live stream as stipulated by the client
24-7media-concept S.L. has its own sales department and can produce commercial spots.

If you already have your own spot or banner this can be inserted into the live stream as many times as desired.

Our equipment

We have 2 mobile studios in “flight cases”

Both include video mixer with VGA, BNC and HDMI connections, monitors, audio mixer and a communication system with the cameras.
For the streaming we offer special equipment including several CAT 6 cables up to 150 metres and high speed routers.

The audio equipment includes 4 Sennheiser wireless microphone systems, 4 pin microphones and 2 presentation microphones. Additionally we can offer various microphones e.g. Rode NTG 2 or AKG. The field mixer SQN 3 or SQN 4 and recording devices complete the sound equipment.

4 Canon XHA1S and 2 Canon HD cameras for high-resolution images – other cameras available on request.
In order to allow various camera positions we offer 4 “practicables” 2x 50 cm and 2x 1 metre high – base area is 1×1 metre.

Numerous extension cables for power, camera, sound and communication to bridge up to 150 metres distance from the mobile broadcasting unit.

Do you need an outdoor studio?

We can offer an 8 metre wide rigging to mount speakers, 42″ & 52″ monitors and lighting of various power degrees from 150W to 18KW.
We can set your stage with a particular background or light wall.
For smaller events we have a selection of generators ranging from 1 – 5 KW available and on request we organize generator trucks up to 90 kva.

More powerful generators and “twin packs” on request.

The Team:

Our team of freelancers have years of experience in the audio visual industry and cover all professional fields such as camera, sound, video editing, directing, and under water shoots. Our team is looking forward for a new challenge and applying their extensive knowledge to your “live stream” project.

Live Streaming is the new TV:

  • +  Your advertisement is always visible on the Internet whether on your own website or on the 24-7media-concept S.L. channels.
  • +  Live streaming offers advertisement at attractive rates for small and medium sized businesses, event managers, educational institution or online tuitionAnd for visionaries!

    24-7media concept S.L.

    Live streaming = perfect synergy for your presentation on the internet and social networks, offering a great saving potential for your business at congresses or conferences.

    24-7media concept S.L.

    Advertisement on our live stream = maximum flexibility and customer orientated image selection and advertisement – the perfect innovation to present your business or project worldwide.


    Your stream with us as an “all in one hand” production company delivers you turn- key solutions for your live stream production.

    Team 24-7media-concept.S.L

    CEO :

    Günther Haase E Mail.: gunther@24-7media-concept.com Tel.: 0034 – 649 517 349

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